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Dryness will disappear only after filling moisture inside hair.

Feeling that moisture in the scalp and hair kept for long. The more you use it, the more moist it gets.


AQUA WHITE Argan Therapy Two-way Shampoo /1000ml, 250ml

TIP Recommended for those.
-Who worry about rough hair with no elasticity
-Who have tangled and messy hair
-Who worry about hair loss due to weakened hair root
-Who worry about scalp and hair caused by oil

AQUA WHITE Argan Therapy Conditioner / 1000g
Color&Perm Damage hair

-For perm & color
-Make damaged hair with frequent perm, color and dry as shiny hair

AQUA WHITE Argan Therapy Treatment Pack / 1000ml, 200g
Nutrient supply

TIP Recommended for those.
-Moisturize dry hair by supplying moist
-Keep moisture in hair by keeping moist
-Make hair healthy by keeping moist
-Used before and after all chemical procedures

AQUA WHITE Argan Therapy Paradise Aqua Ice Shampoo / 1L

-Provide Cool feeling and freshness on the scalp
-Aroma ingredients give vitality
-Moist moisture gives strengthens barriers to hair 


Agran Therapy Volume Curl Fix /250ml
-Volume, setting and gloss at once
-Form a volume when blue drying
-Contains grape seed oil / Argan kernel oil / snail slime filtrates 

Agran Oil Phyto Therapy /120ml
One-touch vacuum pump that is easy to use
-Keep elasticity to thin and tired hair  
-Moisturizing power for dry hair
-For tangled and damaged hair

Agran Therapy Jojoba Oil / 150ml
Natural ingredients of Jojoba oil
-Contains Jojoba oil
-Make dry and crisp hair shine and beautiful

Agran Therapy Spa Mist /250ml, 130ml
Lavender Oil Shine
-Contains Grape Seed oil / Argan kernel oil
-Shine and gross, soft effect
-Prevent hair damage, provide volume & elasticity
Please shake to use

Agran Therapy Power Mist /250ml
Hard type
-Super power mist
-Rich volume, powerful setting
-Less flaking and stickiness
-Mild scent and gloss effect


AQUA WHITE Agran Therapy Ringer Perm / 200ml
Straight / Volume / Texture / General perm
-Elastic texture & volume
-Glamorous and fascinating richness
-Multifunctional multi-perm
-Used for healthy and damaged hair at once

AQUA WHITE Agran Therapy Cysteine/100ml
General perm
-Healthy and elastic wave
-Express moisturizing and soft texture
-Used for less damaged hair as well as healthy hair

AQUA WHITE  Agran Therapy Silhouette Shine  Elastic Perm /150ml

Shine / glossy multi-perm, General perm
-Used for multi / straight / general perm
-Used for damaged hair
-Glossy and soft with gloss type

Agran Therapy Volume Magic (Healthy / Damaged hair)/500ml
Healthy hair / Agent 2 Emulsion type
-Speedy softening time
-Minimize hair damage
-Volume magic & straight
-Used for less damaged hair as well as healthy hair
-Damaged hair / Agent 2 Lotion type
-Prevent damage and fading
-Soft straight 
-Volume magic & straight
-For damaged hair by frequent perm and coloring

Herb Argan Therapy Color Cream /500ml
Contains herb and Argan oil / snail slime
-Completed in 3 min.
-Dyeing at the same time after perm
-Mild hair-dye

3 steps of RC Clinic
Clinic/Hair – RC Clinic Set
-RC1-Inner filling of hair 250g
-RC2-Reinforcement of outer hair 250g
-RC3-Protection of outer hair 250g
Hair is damaged by high temperature, chemical perm agents, magic cream and coloring treatment. It is a system that helps to keep healthy hair through 3-step of RC Clinic for healthy hair care.

Argan Therapy Hard Wax /100ml
Hard wax with powerful matt type
-Powerful setting
-Soft matt type with less stickiness

Argan Therapy Curling Essence /200ml
Hard type, soft

-Soft and mild scent
-It cares wave hair elastic by providing setting, gloss and softness at once