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Ferracure Professional

Create miracle of color with our own CCM process.
-Hair-dye that protects scalp and hair
-Hair-dye with triple complex amino acid treatment
-Hair-dye for hair and hair root cure

  • Gold Ferracureche Color Cream / Agent 1 120ml, Agent 2 250ml

As a mild hair-dye,
It makes silky feeling by producing of variable colors and
Produces lively colors.

  • Add natural pigment Extract
  • Minimal damage and Diverse color
  • High brightness and high chroma
  • Excellent reflecting color and color formation
  • Create the best brightness as a dye
  • Neutralized with warm pigment in melanin
  • Plan to release 21 + 9 colors
  • Ferracureche Clean Bleaching Powder / 500g

It is a soft and glossy hair protection bleach that creates clear color.

  • Various hair bleaching techniques
  • Accurate bleaching power and hair protection effect
  • Clinic bleach agent that keeps softeness
  • Gold Ferracureche Hair Color Cream, 1L of 6% oxidant
  • Able to mixed with all hair dyes.
  • If it is mixed with hair dyes well, it has good application and adsorption.