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CosmeAmino Series

Cosmetics manufacturing process that consists of 18 kinds of amino acid proteins that are safe for scalp and hair,
caring the damaged hair to the maximum after physical and chemical procedures.

  • Product LINE UP

NO₁Special : Protect hair from strong external heat and chemical / physical factors.

NO₂Special : Can be widely used for the wave perm and stylish magic with light and cubic body feeling.

NO₃Special : It enables effective and various styling after procedures.

1.Real Cosme Amino (RCA-25) / 250ml

Cosme Amino Concentrate-25 contains 17 kinds of Amino, collagen, bean protein, Abyssinia kale seed oil, wheat gluten, meadowfoam seed oil, Jojoba oil,  avocado oil and grape seed oil (25 important ingredients). It also contains keratin protein and abundant natural oils. It is a product that functions high-performance pre & post treatment to hair more elastic and strong by penetrating above mentioned ingredients to cortex layer of hair.

-60% of hair strength that keeps curling and wave is made in cuticle and 40% in cortex.
-50% of color retention is made in cortex and 50% in cuticle.
-Amino acids and oils have a decisive influence on the color of curl and wave.

1)Before dye, perm and magic- use after applying on the damaged area and drying.
2)Use by mixing 1:3 (distilled water) before neutralizing (PH function)
3)Rinse after applying at last stage.

2.Real Amino Treatment Oil (RAT-24) / 250ml

Amino Treatment Oil-24 is a high-quality product that plays a powerful role in reducing damages from heat and physical / chemical factors and caring cortex and cuticles of the hair. It contains silk protein, meadowfoam seed oil, avocado oil, grape seed oil, Jojoba seed oil, Abyssinian kale seed oil and orange oil. Silk protein and natural oils penetrate into the cortex to replenish strong moisture concentration power and protein. Amino silicon ingredient settles outside of cuticle layer, keeping moisture from evaporating to make elastic and glossy hair.

1)Used for styling after perm and dye
2)Before magic machine procedure
-Apply small amount of product and do magic procedure after massage.
   After magic machine procedure
-Apply small amount of product and finish with magic machine.

3.Cosme Amino Perm (CAP) / 500ml

Cosme Amino Perm is a perm agent that can be basically used for all perms stably with less hair damage of PH4.5 because it doesn’t use monoethanolamine, triethanolamine, ammonium thiogycollate and monoethanolanmiethioglycolate.
It gives elasticity to curls with no need for pre-treatment (It does not use 4 alkaline ingredients, only complex amino acid of reducing agent and natural oils can form a curl, having almost no damages)

4. Cosme Amino Magic (CAM) / 500ml

CAM is a magic that is designed to have less damage and do magic procedure stably with PH4.5~PH5.5 because it doesn’t use monoethanolamine, triethanolamine, ammonium thiogycollate and monoethanolanmiethioglycolate.
– Only with CAM, magic procedure can be done to the damaged hair with less damage without pre-treatment and it provides gloss and elasticity. (Since it pushes complex amino acids into the air and cuts cysteine bonds by not opening cuticles, it doesn’t break down the protein itself)