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Luxury Well-Being Professional

Korea’s representative No. 1 brand.
Names and colors can be imitated, but products can’t be imitated.

  • Hair Coloring Line

Luxury Well-being Ion Color Cream
Agent 1 100g / Agent 2 230ml

-Excellent care effect & high-quality coverage of gray hair
-Contains herb components and protein
-Clear color, good color formation
-Keep softness after the procedure

CTX Treatment Color /200g
-Acid color to create clear and beautiful color
-Shine, gloss and softness lasts a long time
-Color fading is small due to good color penetrating power
-Clear color keeps hair shiny

Luxury Premium Sepia Color Cream /500g

-Healthy and shiny hair-dye
Cover in various styles of gray or white hair

-Dyeing and softness lasts long

Luxury Well-being Ion Coloring Cream 6% Oxidizer /1000ml

-Can be mixed with all hair-dye
-Herb extracts consider scalp
-Keep clear color and gives shine and elasticity after dyeing

Luxury Well-being Remover Color /300ml

-It easily removes dye on the scalp or skin during procedures such as dye, acid color and manicure

5 min. Treatment neutralizing agent /1000ml

-Helps heat damage caused by keratin
-Agent 2 of all perm agents can be used
-Main ingredient :Hydrogen peroxide 35%
-5~7 min. of neutralizing time

Luxury Collagen Powder Waxing Cream /500ml
-Collagen strengths to hair 
-Shiny and soft hair
-Healthy hair care with clear color

  • Hair Perm Line

SDI Digital Clinic Straight Setting, Iron Cream /500g

-For damaged hair due to frequent perm and dye
– Cream type agent 1 / emulsion (coating) type agent 2
-Product only for damaged hair, dyed hair and normal hair
-soft straight effect

Extra 7 Volume Magic Straight Cream /500g

-Perm agent only for volume magic and straight
-Cream type agent 1 / liquid type agent 2
-Product only for normal hair, healthy hair and strong hair
-Twinkle straight effect

Celebrity Diamond Volume Shine Perm /400ml

-Multi perm that also functions straight and general perm
-Enhance curl elasticity and gloss to healthy hair
-Provide soft and elastic wave to damaged hair

Luxury Well-being Speed Volume Perm 1000ml/120ml
-Korea’s representative perm agent NO. 1

-Only used for general perm, volume perm, straight perm, heat perm, texture perm and multifunctional perm agent
-Treatment of healthy and damaged hair at the same time and strengthens hair barrier
-Provide elasticity of the curl, enhance softness and keep it for long

SDI Setting Perm (Healthy hair / damaged hair /175ml
-Setting softening perm agent considering hair damage
-For setting, iron and magic softening
-Lotion type agent 1 / Liquid type agent 2

Hot Styling Finish 250/130

-Control moisture during perm
-Spraying essence type
-Gloss, shine and softness
-Mild grape scent

Luxury  well-bein power  acid shampoo 1500ml
Luxury  well-being control conditioner1500ml

-Keep clear color after dyeing
-Keep gloss and softness after perm

  • Hair Styling Line

Luxury Green Tea Aqua Therapy /150ml

-Contain vegetable oils and vitamins
-Moisturizing and elasticity
-Therapy for absorption with less stickiness 
-Keep conditioning feeling and gloss for long
-Able to use for perm, magic and coloring

Luxury Kerastin Essence / 150ml

-Contain grape seed oil and tocopherol
-Keep hair tissue firmly
-Create wave hair and straight hair stype
-Care glossy and shiny hair

Luxury Green Tea Brilliant Liquid /250ml,130ml

-Contain green tea, vegetable oils and low molecular amino acid
-Liquid type gloss essence with no stickiness 
-Provide light volume, elasticity and shine
-Use after shaking enough

Luxury Texture & Volume Wax /100ml

-Increase freshness with mild lemon scent.
-Elastic wave with glittering gloss type
-Provide shine and softness
Strong setting power

  • Hair Care Line

P-LPP Treatment /1000ml

-Contain herb extracts, LPP, PP compounds
-Dual complex function of scalp and cortex & cuticle
-Regenerate hair and increase recovery
-Pack for all pre- and post-treatment

Luxury Wellbeing Treatment Clinic Shampoo and Conditioner /1000ml

-Shampoo and conditioner for coloring and perm
-Acid balanced (acid) shampoo and conditioner
-For damaged hair, dyed hair and normal hair

Luxury Well-being Aroma Speed Cool Shampoo /1000ml

-Contain tea tree oil, vegetable oil and aroma
-Provides refreshing feeling on scalp
Strengthens hair barrier
-Keep hair soft and glossy